April Lookbook

Photo by Jennifer Taylor Craig | Whispering City RVA

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying a few moments of April inspiration. In this photo series, I started by setting up a few of the pretty things that will be available for purchase at the Whispering City RVA online boutique this April. My awesome cat Poirot immediately jumped up and made himself a part of the arrangement!

In the upcoming month, we’re going to be adding sparking piles of gorgeous vintage costume jewelry, some incredible vintage kimonos, a 1930s sleeping gown and button up knickers, vintage dresses from the 1960s-1970s, some men’s items including vintage cuff links, a collection of lovely vintage aprons, dress gloves, and more!

So – stay tuned and thanks for stopping by. I know times are rough right now, but I hope you’re feeling a bit more inspired for spring.

Kind regards,
– Jennifer
Whispering City RVA

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