About Us

Countless stories whisper through history. Invite their echoes to add mystery to your life.

Whispering City RVA is a small business located in Richmond, Virginia and owned/operated by Jennifer Taylor Craig. Lover of all things vintage, antique, and mysterious, Jennifer also owns and operates Flame Noir Candle Co., a boutique soy wax candle business dedicated to creating original, vintage-styled scents that pay homage to the greatest classic detectives of film and print.

You never know what you’ll find at Whispering City RVA. Decades of thrifting, attending estate sales and auctions, inheriting items from vintage-loving family members and leading a vintage lifestyle have filled our coffers with a collection of antiquities that are so eclectic, (both in era and in style), that half of the excitement is seeing what we’ll offer next!

You can count on our integrity. Everything we offer is something that we have personally picked. Our catalog is cool, unique, and all items are in great vintage shape, (unless specifically stated otherwise). We’ll provide as much information as we can to help you make your selections.

At Whispering City RVA, we are dedicated to the vintage lifestyle and the preservation of these exciting, mysterious and often fascinating pieces of history. From our home to yours – all purchases will be packed carefully and shipped quickly. Spoil yourself with something neat, or find that perfect gift for someone you love!

Have questions? Reach out. We’re here to help!



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