About Us

Countless stories whisper through history. Invite their echoes to add mystery to your life.

My name is Jennifer Craig – welcome to Whispering City RVA!

Whispering City RVA is the small online boutique that I own & operate here in beautiful rural Virginia. Established in April 2019, I specialize in vintage & antique finery. This is a one-woman show with a focus on small vintage and antique decorative items for your person and your home or office.

Whispering City RVA is a smaller part of a bigger LLC called Vault of Wonders that I own with my husband. Everything I offer at Whispering City RVA is something from my own personal collection, or an item I found out in the wild that I know someone else will love. I attend auctions, go antiquing frequently, and buy items that are in good condition. I offer detailed descriptions on my listings to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

This site is primarily focused on passing along tips, information, and how-to guides for other vintage enthusiasts and sellers through my blog, which I offer as a companion to my Etsy Shop.  On this site, you can browse my Etsy catalog and purchase your items directly through Etsy when you’re ready to check out. This means you’ll benefit from their secured transaction process and you’ll be able to leave product reviews easily as well.

My home and office environments are smoke free. You’ll find my policies on Etsy to be friendly and straight forward: I accept returns on everything except items that would be at risk of purchase for the purpose of digital piracy, such as art prints. lithos, sewing patterns, etc.

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Have questions? Contact me. I’m here to help!